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Property Management Owner FAQS

Why should I use a professional to manage my property?

While the reasons our clients choose Optimum Property Management vary, here are some of the key reasons many people elect professional management over self-management:

  • We handle maintenance and emergency repairs, allowing you to sleep at night.
  • We enforce collection of rents and serve the proper notices upon failure to pay.
  • We understand and apply the correct federal, state, and local laws, keeping you and your investment out of trouble.
  • We know and understand the local market, have an extensive network of contacts, and have many advertising resources available. This allows us to effectively market your vacant home to prospective residents to get it filled as quickly as the market allows to a qualified applicant.
  • After you add up the increased rent we can often command, the savings you'll receive by not having to advertise, the time you will save by not having to do all of the management work, and the company rate we get on repairs, you'll often make more money than if you managed the property yourself!


What size properties will Optimum Property Management manage?

We will manage single family homes to large apartment complexes and commercial buildings. We are large enough to handle your property, yet small enough to still give personal service.

Can I designate who I want as tenants for my home?

You can specify whether or not the tenant is allowed to have a pet or to smoke inside the property, but you may not discriminate against any protected class under the Fair Housing Act or local housing laws, such as limiting family size (beyond the fire safety limits imposed) or not allowing single tenants. Because of this, it is best if the selection process is left to Optimum. We have guidelines to ensure a responsible tenant is placed in your property.

How does Optimum Property Management handle after hour emergencies?

Should there be an emergency at one of our managed properties, Optimum has agreements with professional on call plumbers, electricians, etc. to provide 24hr repairs. Our team will responded to the emergency as necessary, whether it be to dispatch a worker or arrive onsite personally. In all cases Optimum Property Management has you covered 24-hours a day.

How much control do I have in making management decisions?

You can have as much or as little control as you want. We supply our clients a detailed monthly statement with each payment and maintenance receipt available documenting deductions from the rental income. We set a limit on maintenance work that is done without involving the property owner. Because some owners want to be involved in every decision, we can set this limit in accordance with your comfort level.

How do you make sure the tenant is taking good care of my home while renting?

There are several ways we have of knowing this. Above all, careful tenant screening helps protect your property from being rented to irresponsible people. During the lease term, we may have occasion to enter the property for repair or maintenance reasons and will use that opportunity to have a look. If we are fortunate enough not to have any repairs or maintenance at your property over an extended period of time, we will schedule a preventative maintenance walkthrough to make sure that the smoke alarms/carbon monoxide detectors have batteries and that there are no unreported problems at the property.

Will I need to change my insurance coverage?

We advise all property owners to consult their insurance agent to be certain they are carrying adequate insurance for their property needs. We advise all residents as they move into your property to obtain renter's insurance. This is not required by law but very beneficial in the case of a tragedy. We will be happy to have your property evaluated by a insurance professional to see if you are properly insured if you choose.

Can I be paid electronically?

Yes. Once you supply us with the needed information, we will start the process of enabling direct deposits into your account. There is a small service fee from the financial institution that we pass along to you if you choose this method of payment.

What are the steps to have my property managed by Optimum Property Management?

There are 4 easy steps:

  1. Contact us by telephone at 760-843-6719 or online here;
  2. Allow us to conduct a walkthrough of the property;
  3. Sign a Property Management Agreement;
  4. Give copies of the keys to the property manager.