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Welcome to Optimum Property Management's Tenant Section. The Optimum Staff strives to provide our Residents with the most comfortable and positive leasing experience by extending courteous and prompt customer service, excellent home maintenance and expertise for all your rental needs. If you currently reside in one of the properties we manage please use the tools found here to make your stay enjoyable. If you are a prospective tenant and are ready to join the Optimum family, just follow these steps to ensure a smooth rental process:

  1. Click on the menu above to view our current inventory and find one or more properties that interest you.
  2. Having identified one or more potentially acceptable homes, DRIVE BY THE PROPERTIES AND LOOK AT THE OUTSIDE AND THE NEIGHBORHOOD. We cannot set up appointments to show you the interior UNTIL you have seen the exterior. This is very important and will save you lots of time in your search. While sometimes the interior is far better than the exterior, if you don't like the neighborhood at all it might not matter how nice the interior is.
  1. Before submitting an Application, read the lease that you will be signing. There are copies of the leases in the Tenant Forms section of this website.
  2. In order to process your application we need the following:
    1. APPLICATION: A signed completed application (you can get an application on this website under tenant forms, BUT you must meet with us to sign the completed application)
    2. IDENTIFICATION: A copy of a photographic identification from a government agency (example: drivers license)
    3. APPLICATION FEE: A check, money order or cash for the non-refundable application fee of $35 for each applicant. We must have applications for all tenants. Occupying a property without having gone through the application process is a breach of the lease and may result in eviction of all tenants.
    4. DEPOSIT: A check or money order for the security deposit. The security deposit is refundable if the applicant is not approved. The refund will only take place after your check has cleared your bank. We recommend that you place the deposit as soon as possible, as the property stays on the market until we have an approved application and a deposit. The deposit must be payable to Optimum Property Management and must be separate from the application fee (as it is deposited in an escrow account).

By signing your application you are authorizing us to run a credit check as well as contact employers and past landlords. We check:

  1. Credit History
  2. Income
    1. should be at least three time the monthly rental amount
    2. must be stable and secure
    3. must be expected to continue during the time of the lease
  3. Criminal History
  4. History of past evictions v. Past landlords vi. Current and past employers

It usually takes two days to process an application. You will be contacted immediately upon review of the application.

If your application is accepted, we will set up a time to sign the lease.

If your application is accepted and you choose not to enter into a lease, you will forfeit the security deposit that you submitted with your application.

  1. Once you are approved, we will get in touch with you and arrange for you to sign the lease.
  2. We prepare the lease.
  3. You come by to sign the lease.
  4. You pay your first month's rent when you pick up your keys at move in.
  5. You fill out and send in the "Move in Condition" form.

YOU ARE NOW A TENANT AND WE HOPE YOUR STAY WILL BE LONG AND ENJOYABLE. We will do all we can to make your stay pleasant